No other channel offers audience’s direct, unmediated and uninterrupted access to the nation’s most esteemed quality Education TV focusing on teaching various show featuring Dance, Spiritual, Sports, Art, Computer, Singing, Language, Music, Cookery, Interior Designing, Fashion, Business, Health, Academic, Agricultural, Law and much more.

Shiksha will fulfills a vital public need in contributing to the literacy of India public; and fills an important programming gap left vacant by commercial and public television.

Unlike other TV outlets, Shiksha aims for higher ground, not the lowest common denominator with programme coming from many of the nation’s most distinguished Quality research and latest research activities from those at the forefronts of their fields, and provides direct and unmediated access to the developments and discoveries that are dramatically affecting people’s lives and futures. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives to strengthen community through education.

We operate as visionaries through our properties to provide the latest technologies and resources to our viewers driving interest and growth to individuals, local and national businesses.